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About Us

Everyone deserves a safe, comfortable place they can call home.
Every landlord deserves to be rewarded for their investment.

JDE Property Management Inc is your trusted partner who will consistently deliver value to your investments. Whether you are purchasing your first rental property or are a seasoned investor, JDE’s team of professional, experienced, and trusted property managers are here for you.  Our objective is to build a long lasting and personal relationship with every client and constantly improve our processes and technology to help your investments grow and prosper. We care about our clients, the properties we manage, and our tenants.

Our Story

JDE Property Management Inc formed in 2020 is a corporation registered in the province of Nova Scotia. From its humble beginnings of managing only one single family home JDE has grown to a full-service property management firm operating across Nova Scotia. Our core experience includes residential and commercial property management, tenant finding, short term management, and condo management. In addition, our team includes engineers and project managers who can assist you with design renovations and managing your maintenance and capital projects.

We appreciate both sides of the equation. Both the tenants and the landlords can benefit from a well-managed relationship.

Why Invest With Us?

JDE Property Management believes in a focused approach to dealing with its landlords and tenants. We understand real estate investing and how wealth is created primarily through the following four methods:


1. Cash Flow (cash left over after all expenses are paid)

2. Appreciation (increase in the value of the property overtime)

3. Tax Advantage (claiming expenses to reduce taxable income)

4. Mortgage Pay Down (tenants paying down the loan balance)


When managing properties for our landlords, we strive to operate each unit as efficiently as possible, by minimizing expenses and maximizing the four wealth creators mentioned above. We also recognize that happy tenants pay on time, take care of the property, and stay long term, so we work hard to select the best tenants and maintain frequent communication to address issues promptly.


The owners of JDE Property Management are real estate investors and have experience living in many rental units, so they can appreciate both sides of the equation. They are passionate about real estate and truly believe that both tenants and landlords can benefit from a well-managed relationship. They are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve their business in all aspects and welcome your feedback.  We stay connected to real estate blogs, social media groups, and online forums across Canada and the USA to gather insights, ask questions, and constantly learn from our peers to give our clients the best advantage.

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