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A personal touch on investing and tenancy.

JDE Property Management believes in a focused approach to dealing with its landlords and tenants. When managing properties for our landlords, we strive to operate each unit as efficiently as possible, by minimizing expenses and maximizing the four wealth creators mentioned above. We also recognize that happy tenants pay on time, take care of the property, and stay long term, so we work hard to select the best tenants and maintain frequent communication to address issues promptly.

Professional Services

We are more than just a property management company. We can also manage your property's finances, your contractors and projects, and even design your renovations.

Residential Property Management

Individual customer needs are met based on specific business requirements. We will oversee, manage and maintain your property and tenants based on your preference.

BNB/Short-term Rental Management

Providing daily, weekly and turn-over management. Administration, customer service, inventory monitoring, cleaning and maintenance management included.

Condo Management

Holding AGMs, budgeting, administration, project supervision, maintenance and financial management of condominiums as required by the condo association.

Member - Canadian Condominium Institute Nova Scotia



Finding great tenants for investors who would like to self manage using our thorough background check process.

House Watching


Service to take care of your property when you are away on a vacation.

Contractor and Project Management

Managing projects start to finish, safely and on time, using our trusted contractors. Registered - Engineers Nova Scotia (ENS).

Project Management Professionals (PMP).

Value Added Services

We can also design, provide a realistic model, construct and renovate.


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